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Photo etching, is a chemical milling process used to fabricate sheet metal components, molds, dies and tools using a photoresist and etchants to corrosively machine away selected areas. Photo etching can produce highly complex parts with very fine detail accurately and economically. This process can offer economical alternatives to stamping, punching, laser or water jet cutting, or wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) for thin gauge precision parts. This makes the process useful for prototyping and allows for easy changes in mass production. It maintains dimensional tolerances and does not create burrs or sharp edges. It can make a part in hours after receiving the drawing/design/artwork as per client’s requirement.

Cold Etching

We were the first among few to introduce this revolutionary and time saving process of Etching. Unlike the traditional Hot Etching process, there is no need to heat-up the mold/dies during the etching process, saving huge amount of time and maintaining the temperament and physical qualities of the material. Utilizing this time proven methods and techniques, Sharda Etching Process is the able to texture an d engrave molds of all shapes and sizes in a time saving in affordable manner. Our experience and creativity allow us to develop and match the most effective etching processes for tools, dies and plates made from variety of materials - including some previously believed incompatible.

Hot Etching
The most traditional or medieval process of Etching. For some materials such as Stainless-Steel this process still serves to be the best etching process to be carried out for texturing or engraving.

On-Site Etching
Depending on the requirement of our clients we can provide our services on site. Some texturing or engraving can be done onsite at you location. We can provide quick response to your needs.

Texture/Mold Repairing
There are specific requirements to repair every texture pattern and tool/mold i.e addressing welds, annealing weld spots, removing existing finishes or coatings. Texture repair may not always require welding. The severity of the damage and how much existing metal is available will determine this option. There are different techniques that apply to each situation. We will consult with you and recommend options that are best suited to your needs.

Laser Etching

Laser engraving, and laser Etching, is the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark an object. The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out. These properties distinguish laser engraving from alternative engraving or marking technologies where inks or bit heads have to be replaced regularly, providing more accuracy and precision. We are soon to introduce this modern technique of etching/engraving to our industry.

Abrasive Blasting/Dry Blasting

We apply various dry blast and shot peen finishes. We can process a part that can fit on your fingertips to a part that is 15 feet long. Our dry Blast finish medias range from the purest Glass Bead #1 to 1/8 inch shot peen. The fine finishes are popular in electronic and electrical molds whereas heavier finishes are popular with Rotomolds and Blow mold industries. The finer media allow us to control gloss levels on th e most critical parts. Following are the various abrasives used in dry blasting:

Mold Polishing

Quality of surface of a mold is important factor to decide the performance and aesthetics of a manufactured product. Polishing is used to remove scratches and burrs from any mold/dies. We not only polish to prepare for texture but are capable fo providing polish as final finish. Our Polishing department specializes in lens/mirror finishes. we can take the surface at its roughest starting point and bring to A1 finish.


Our electro-less nickel plating and Chrome plating is the ideal coating to increase lubricity, hardness and corrosion resistant to many materials. Many part release issues and improved cycle times can be resolved with our coating. The longevity of a surface can be vastly improved. Our plating allows uniform thickness and build-up over textured and smooth surfaces.

Blasting Services

With our three decades of experience in the industry, we are able to meet the needs of our clients in an efficient way and offer them service for Grit Blasting Services For Molds. Our experts study the specific requirements and accordingly design plans that optimally suit the preferences of our customers. Further, our fabrication and grit blasting process is carried out in compliance with the defined industry standards. We use advanced technology and very efficient machines and tools to render this Grit Blasting Services For Molds.

Dies Moulds Etching Service
We are a prominent Dies Moulds Etching Services, Service Provider, based in India. We have been offering high end Dies Moulds Etching Service including Aluminum Die Casting Mold Etching, Injection Molded Parts Etching, Die Casting Mould Etching, Zinc Die Casting Mould Etching, Industrial Die Etching, etc. With rich experience and a team of professionals, we have been offering value added services to the clients. We use advanced technology machines to offer the services to provide the best solutions to the clients.

Industrial Die Etching :-
Our New Delhi based entity has successfully been engaged in providing cost-effective Industrial Die Etching service in highly efficient manner. Our quality centric organization is well-equipped with advanced machines and contemporary techniques under the supervision of ingenious professionals. Also, we keep in touch with clients and provide perfect etching on various kinds of industrial dies. We put forth this Industrial Die Etching at reasonable prices for our clients.
Industrial Mould Etching :-

Keeping in close touch with clients, we are engaged in rendering quality oriented Industrial Mould Etching from prime location of New Delhi, India. We have got a team of knowledgeable professionals who work in close touch with clients and provide highly efficient solutions in committed time frame. Our clients can avail the provided Industrial Mould Etching service in an effective manner.

Quality, Service, Value
Our commitment to quality is apparent in the workmanship. We use accurate an precise measuring tools to pinpoint an d identify any imaginable pattern. Using latest software and computer generated patterns and designs, we can quote your job from a 2-D & 3D file (DWG, DXF, PDF, JPEG, CDR).
We understand the importance of time to market and process all job with your schedule in mind.
Our goal is to be your one source location for your texture, polishing, engraving, blasting, and plating needs.